Division One Singles


Draw to be made at 8.30pm, any players arriving after 8.30pm will not be able to participate in the event

Winning player from each venue to progress to finals night

All matches to be best of three legs, losing player to chalk next match

Steward: T Carter   Venue: Windmill
Player Team   Player  Team
T Carter Old English Royals   L Heathorn Wheatsheaf Crown
G Walker PEWMC B   L Divall PE Bulldogs
D Barnett Red Cow Dilly Dilly   K Harvey Red Lion Rebels
M Spedding Red Cow Dilly Dilly   T Wetton Red Lion Rebels


Steward: S Urch   Venue: Red Cow
Player Team   Player  Team
S Urch Red Cow Dilly Dilly   L Dawson PE Bulldogs
R Tompkins Prince Albert   S Hill PE Bulldogs
D Dean Prince Albert   T Mundt Red Cow Dilly Dilly
R Mayor Red Lion Rebels   S Walters PEWMC B


Steward: V Page   Venue: Old English Gentleman
Player Team   Player  Team
V Page Old English Royals   P Stern PE Bulldogs
I Burgess Wheatsheaf Crown   S Tindale Red Lion Rebels
D Laverty PE Bulldogs   G Brooks Prince Albert
J Shuttleworth Red Cow Dilly Dilly      


Steward: P Tompkins   Venue: Prince Albert
Player Team   Player  Team
P Tompkins Prince Albert   M Thomas PEWMC B
D Mills Prince Albert   K Crawford Old English Royals
G Newberry PE Bulldogs   B Clark Red Cow Dilly Dilly
L Barrow PE Bulldogs      


Steward: J Darling   Venue: Wheatsheaf Enfield (back room)
Player Team   Player  Team
J Darling Wheatsheaf Crown   N Cox Old English Royals
C Bennett PEWMC B   D Povey Red Lion Rebels
P Smyth Old English Royals   C Quinn Red Cow Dilly Dilly
S Pettican Red Lion Rebels      


Steward: D Isaacs   Venue: PEWMC (stage)
Player Team   Player  Team
D Isaacs PE Bulldogs   S Pryor Prince Albert
R Walters PE Bulldogs   K Bird Wheatsheaf Crown
E Crowley Red Cow Dilly Dilly   J Starling Wheatsheaf Crown
D Lyte Red Lion Rebels      


Steward: J Wilson   Venue: Red Lion
Player Team   Player  Team
J Wilson Red Lion Rebels   L Morgans PEWMC B
M Webb PE Bulldogs   D Smith PEWMC B
Y Karatac Prince Albert   T Croake PEWMC B
R Binch Wheatsheaf Crown      


Steward: N Maginnis   Venue: Red Lion
Player Team   Player  Team
N Maginnis Red Lion Rebels   J Goddard Red Cow Dilly Dilly
D Allen PE Bulldogs   P O’Brien Wheatsheaf Crown
R Crain Red Lion Rebels   S Asser Wheatsheaf Crown
S Nicol Prince Albert      


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