A)  Once the forms for the Singles / Pairs and Fours competitions have been submitted to the Competition Secretary, NO alterations will be allowed. Female players can enter the Ladies Cup or the Singles competition, not both competitions.

B)  All games are the best of Three Legs, up to the Semi-Final & Final, which are the best of Five Legs. The toss of a coin is made to decide who will throw first in the first and final legs. If the score reaches 1-1 or 2-2, there will be another toss of a coin to decide the the final leg.

C)  Any player arriving after the draw is made, will not be allowed to play.

D)  In the pairs competition, only 2 players can play. To be eligible to play, all players must sign in before 8.30. In the 1st round, one player cannot play on their own. However in the final one player can play on their own.

E)  In the fours, any four from six can play, with the minimum being three.

F)  No player shall be substituted or altered after the draw is made, except in the fours when players can be changed after each leg of a game.

G)  The Captain & Secretaries Cup will be played for by the Captain & Secretary only, any 2 from 3 can start, unless agreed by the committee.

H)  When playing on a neutral board in the K.O. Cup / Divisional Cup / Play – Offs, there shall be a toss of a coin for the first throw. If the final is at the venue of one of the teams competing, it is not deemed a neutral board and the away team goes first.

I)  The result of cup games are to be phoned / emailed by the winning team to the results secretary by 10PM on the Thursday following the game. If no call / email is received, a £5 fine on the winning team will be imposed.

J)  All competition result cards to be brought to the next league meeting and the venue sheets are to be returned to the Results Secretary.

K)  In cup competitions, any team found to have played an unregistered player will be looked at by the Committee under the complaints procedures.

L)  Any team that fails to play in a Cup Final, will not be recognised as runners – up and therefore will not receive any trophies.

N)  In the singles / pairs / fours / ladies singles and captain & secretaries, the losing player(s) will be expected to chalk the next game, or supply a chalker. Failure to do so will result in the player(s) concerned being excluded from the next seasons competition.

O)  In the Eights competition, the team finishing top of the league wins a trophy, there will be no runners-up. If two teams finish with the same amount of wins and percentages there will be a play off, best of five, final to denote league position and winners.

Last Updated – Wednesday 3rd October 2018
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