League Competitions


Singles to play – 501
Ladies Cup to play – 501
Fours to play – 801
Pairs to play – 601
Eights to play – 1001

Captain & Secretary to play – 601

B)  All games are straight start and double finish.

C)  The throw shall be 7′ 9.25.

D)  The height of the centre of the board is to be 5′ 8.

E)  Optional board of elm or bristle.

F)  Raised Oche must be provided.

G)  All boards must be fixed. No freestanding boards are permitted.H)  Open board at 7.45pm for 8.45pm start in the League / K.O. Cup / Divisional Cup / League Cup.

I)  The initial and surname of all players must be on the board before the start.

J)  Any player arriving no later than 9.15pm, will be eligible to play providing the opposing captain is notified before the start of play. ( In League / K.O. Cup / Divisional Cups ).

K)  In the event of a tie at the end of the season, for any relevant placing in the league, there will be a play off for the relevant placing.

L)  A draw shall be made for the Fours / Pairs / Singles, in the League / K.O. Cup / Divisional Cups.

M)  The away team shall throw first, games are then alternate.

N) When a player is on the oche no coaching or calling out instructions from players on the side-lines.

O)  Teams cannot play with less than 6 Players. Teams with 6 or 7 players, will miss the relevant throws.

P)  If a team has more than 8 or more players, only 8 selected players from that team can be placed in the draw.

Q)  Away team to supply a caller, if one is required.

R)  In the event of two teams playing with 7 Players, and the BYE drawing the BYE, this leg will be played for by the captains. ( Or Vice-Captain if the Captain is not present ).

S)  This is a Wednesday Night League, therefore all matches are to be played on Wednesday Nights only.

Last Updated – Wednesday 3rd October 2018

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