Stewarding A Venue

A)  All stewards will be provided with a list of players and a draw sheet.

B)  All players must sign the venue sheet.

C)  Draw for the singles / pairs / fours / ladies singles to be made at 8.30PM. Anyone arriving after the draw has been made will not be allowed to play.

D)  The time of the draw for the Captains & Secretaries Cup will be announced at the meeting before the competition. A list of eligible players will be given out.

E)  Stewards must follow the draw sheet.

F)  Once the draw has been made, there must not be any alterations.

G)  Stewards must return completed venue sheets to the results secretary.

H)  Stewards are appointed to the officiate a venue, I.E. to check that players sign – in, do the draw and return the result. Stewards are not appointed as chalkers and are not expected to chalk.

Last Updated – Wednesday 3rd October 2018

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